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Soil Testing

Protsurv is suppliers is soil testing equipment for the last 6 years . We have developed our own CBR/USC/ITS/Marshall press that work with hydraulics. No more old fashioned sprocket and chains . Our HYDCBR can press samples up to 200 KN and is widely use in civil laboratories across Africa .

Protsurv is also an accredited SANAS laboratory( ISO 17025 ) that can do an ON SITE calibration of any CBR press . Click here to book your on site calibration.

Soil is a natural body consisting of layers (soil horizons) of mineral  constituents of variable thicknesses, which differ from the parent materials in their morphological, physical, chemical, and mineralogical  characteristics. It's composed of particles of broken rock that have been altered by chemical and environmental processes that include weathering  and erosion. Soil differs from its parent rock due to interactions between the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and the biosphere It is a mixture of mineral and organic constituents that are in solid, gaseous and aqueous states.
We are agents for:

nuclear soil moisture density gauge.

electrical soil density gauge.

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