Disclaimer + Terms

1. Definitions and interpretation:
1.1 "Agreement" means this agreement;
1.2 "Delivery Address" the delivery address detailed on the invoice;
1.3 "Goods" the goods listed on the invoice;
1.4 "Price" the price detailed on the invoice;
1.5 "Specification" the description of the Goods listed on the invoice;
1.6 “Prime” means the prime interest rate determined by the South African reserved bank;
1.7 “Days” shall be construed as Gregorian calendar days unless qualified by the word “business”, in which instance a “business day” will be any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday as gazetted by the government of the Republic from time to time;
1.8 “Quotation”means a list of goods and/or services, with a statement provided of the sum due for same goods and/or services;
1.9 “Service provider” means Protsurve Geo Centre (PTY) Ltd;
1.10 “Customer” means the contracting party as indicated on the quotation;
1.11 Headings in this agreement are for convenience sake only and does not create any obligations or alter any terms;
1.12 Unless the context indicates a contrary intention an expression which denotes-
1.12.1 any gender includes the other genders;
1.12.2 a natural person includes a juristic person and vice versa;
1.12.3 the singular includes the plural and vice versa.
2. Repair and/or Maintenance. The Customer hereby requests the Service provider to repair and/or maintain the Goods as specified on the quotation. By accepting the quotation the purchaser binds himself to these terms and conditions. The following will apply in the event of:
2.1 Calibration of Goods
2.1.1 The results in the certificate of calibration are correct at the time of calibration.
2.1.2 The accuracy of the instrument will depend on the care and exercise of handling and use of the instrument.
2.1.3 Recalibration should be performed after a period which has been chosen to ensure accuracy of instrument within desired limits.
2.1.4 The calibration certificate automatically expires if the instrument is misused in any way that is not its intended use.
2.2 Repairing of Goods
2.2.1 In the event of repairing the instrument authority for the repair works shall be required before the service provider shall start with the repair work.
2.2.2 A quotation shall firstly make out and sent through to the customer for his approval before the service provider will start with the repair work. 2.2.3 No work will be done on the goods unless a written order or proof of payment was sent to the service provider’s offices.
2.2.4 No verbal orders will be accepted.
2.2.5 The service provider’s quotations are subject to revision should any other repairs be found to be necessary while the goods are being repair or maintained.
2.2.6 The customer has the right at any time to cancel the repair and maintenance and only pay the repair price pro rata to the repair and maintenance work done.
2.2.7 All repair and maintenance work is to be done by the service provider’s trained technicians.
2.3 Time Periods
2.3.1 The service provider will do the repairs as soon as reasonable possible and cannot guarantee the customer a specific timeline for repairs and/ or maintenance work. 2.3.2 Instruments not collected within 60 (sixty) days after the customer was notified in writing that it is ready for collection, will be expropriated by Protsurv Geo Centre to defray its costs. By attaching a signature to this form, the customer acknowledges that it was made aware of this clause.
3. Price and Payment.
3.1 The repair and/or maintenance price of the goods shall be as per the quotation and payment will be made accordingly by the customer. Training provided by the Service provider may be specified by the customer and therefore included into the customer price.
3.2 All payment obligations should be made according to the performance dates as per quotation, if payment is not being made before collection or COD, and non- compliance with the timelines will be seen as a breach and all remedies, including cancellation, will be available immediately.
3.3 The Customer shall indemnify and hold the service provider harmless in respect of any loss,

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