DuoSoft Field

Protsurv Geo Centre has adapted to technological trends by not only offering our customers the comfort to shop online in the comfort of their homes but is also excited to introduce our new DuoSoft Field survey application on Any Android platform.

Turn your cell phone or tablet into a production tool that is always at your fingertips.

No need for expensive WindowsCe devices and complicated manufactures protocols and workflow to get your work done. This LOCAL developed app by Protea Geomatics will be solely distributed by ProtSurv Geo Centre..

With this app you will be able to email your data as soon as you are done working in the field. From basic levelling features to advance road setting out using conventional automatic levels, digital levels, Total sation or GPS - your survey will be done quick and easy.

Giving the word “ local software” a new name with customer customization within days.

  • DuoSoft Field survey application on Any Android platform
  • The app is only 3MB
  • Runs on ANY android platform
  • Data can be manually inputted or uploaded with a variety of different formats
  • Easy navigated menu and workflow structure
  • Modular design - Pay as you grow
  • Runs on ANY android platform

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DuoSoft Field